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The Joint Coordinating Committee for Environmental Systems (JCCES), Poland-USA
In 1995, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas established a Joint Coordinating Committee for Environmental Systems (JCCES) for which Dr. J. Michael Kuperberg and Mr. John Moerlins of IICER provide technical, logistical and administrative support.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy, Gerald Boyd (left in picture) with the Director of the Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, Jacek Lanczy (right in picture) at the second meeting (September 2000) of the JCCES which took place in Prague, Czech Republic.  At that meeting an agreement between Poland and the United States was signed for the continuation of joint environmental restoration research projects.

FSU provides overall project management and technical oversight for JCCES activities between DOE and the Polish IETU.  Mike Kuperberg is the primary point of contact for this task.  Current activities include bioremediation of organic contaminants (petroleum hydrocarbons & chlorinated solvents) and phytoremediation of inorganic contaminants (lead).  New research activities are underway for in situ stabilization and removal technologies for mercury contamination in soil.  Several of the projects being conducted under this task are conducted in conjunction with the Environmental Biotechnology Section of the Savannah River Technology Center.

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