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Student Involvement and Participation in Research Activities
The IICER provides numerous opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to augment classroom instruction through work on research projects.

Supported by the IICER and the Florida State University Chemistry Department, Stepan Kalmykov, a Ph. D. candidate at Moscow State University in Moscow, Russia (one of several Russian institutions with which IICER maintains an Agreement of Cooperation) spent a semester in the nuclear chemistry laboratory of Professor Gregory Choppin (upper left) at Florida State University to perform studies on the solubility of nuclear waste components in brine solutions for the nuclear waste repository in Carslbad, New Mexico.  (Professor Choppin also serves as an Associate Director of the IICER.)

After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Stepan Kalmykov is shown in the photo (lower left) discussing his research results with Dr. Roy Herndon, Director, and Professor Hans Plendl, Senior Research Fellow of the IICER.  Katarina Uvirova from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, and supported by the IICER, also worked on a research project in Professor Choppin’s laboratory.

Among the many other students who have participated in IICER research projects are Dwanna Ward and Andrew McKenzie, undergraduates from Tuskegee and Furman Universities, respectively; Wes Roberts who upon graduation, was recruited to work in private industry; Philip Moffat who is now a law student at the University of Florida; Daniel Teaf and Barbara McCallum who completed their M.S. degrees at Florida State University; and Daria and Livia Navon who have pursued graduate studies in the biological sciences at the University of Texas and Cornell University, respectively.  Gene Jones, Managing Director of SWIX, started his career as a Florida State University work-study student at the IICER.  While working at the IICER, J. Michael Kuperberg completed his Ph.D. at the Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy.

In future issues of the IICER newsletter, selected students will be highlighted to show how their work at the IICER assisted them in establishing their careers.

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