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  IICER Staff
The IICER is composed of a core staff of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise.  This group has worked together for a number of years and uses a team approach for solving environmental problems that draws on the particular strengths and skills of each team member.  The diversity of backgrounds and close working relationships of this interdisciplinary group of international environmental professionals are major factors in the success of the IICER.  Key staff members are listed below along with brief summaries of their responsibilities at the IICER and their other areas of interest.

Roy C. Herndon, Ph.D., Institute Director

Candice Allbaugh, B.A., Assistant Office Manager & Coordinator for International Conferences, Workshops and Meetings

Norbert Barszczewski, International Visiting Scholar & Research Assistant

William C. Burnett, Ph.D., Director: Environmental Radioactivity Measurement Facility

Gregory R. Choppin, Ph.D., Senior Scientist & Project Director: Radiochemistry

William T. Cooper, Ph.D., Project Director: Environmental Chemistry

Alan Davis, Jr., B.A., IICER Office Manager

Slavik Dushenkov, Ph.D., Project Director: Phytoremediation Technology

Edward A. Fernald, Ph.D., Project Director: GIS and Land Use Analysis

Laymon L. Gray, B.S., Environmental Engineer & Field Project Manager

Stephen W. Hodge, Project Director: GIS Technical Assistance

Jan John, Ph.D., Project Director: Chemical Separations Technology Deployment

Eugene (Gene) B. Jones, B.S., Director of Marketing

Stepan N. Kalmykov, Ph.D., Project Director: Radioanalytical Chemistry

Mikhail K. Khankhasayev, Ph.D., Project Director: Nuclear Waste Management

Loreen Yerger Kollar, CMP, Coordinator for International Conferences, Workshops and Meetings

J. Michael Kuperberg, Ph.D., Associate Director for Technology Deployment

Peter Lakanen, B.S., Internet Design Director

John E. Moerlins, M.S., Associate Director for Administration

Raymond Moreau, M.S., Project Director: Southern Waste Information Exchange, Inc. (SWIX)

Donald T. Oakley, Sc.D., P.E., Project Director: Radioactive Waste Management and Risk Assessment

Ioana Gloria Petrisor, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Research Associate, Biochemist

Hans S. Plendl, Ph.D., Project Director: Nuclear Waste Management and Disposition

Peter I. Richter, Ph.D., Project Director and Senior Scientist: Environmental Technologies Development

Heather Ritchie, B.S., Research Assistant and Project Coordinator

Christopher Teaf, Ph.D., Project Director: Toxicology and Human Health Risk Assessment

Katarina Uvirova, Ph.D. (candidate), Doctoral Candidate (Graduation: Spring 2000); Czech Technical University in Prague

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