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    Technical Notes on Text, Figures and Tables

    Overall Comments

    These proceedings contain a compilation of current information and data on the environmental problems and technology-based solutions that were presented during the Prague 2000 Symposium.  The manuscripts appear as submitted by the authors.  No editing was done to the manuscripts.  Questions or comments about the manuscripts should be directed to the authors.

    Printing Manuscripts

    Due to the wide range of different formats of manuscripts and presentations, it is strongly recommended that when printing a manuscript, the printing option Fit To Page be chosen.

    Characters in Text

    Some of the manuscripts contained in this document were prepared using non-U.S. software, fonts and characters (e.g., characters with accents).  In some instances, when these manuscripts are converted to an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, a character may be displayed or printed which is different from the character originally used by the author.

    Tables/Figures in Text

    Some of the manuscripts contained in this document include "embedded" tables and/or figures which when displayed or printed may distort the coordinates and labels on the "x" and/or "y" axes, and in some instances appear to be printed twice.

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