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    U.S. Department of Energy

    Over the past five decades, the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies developed the largest government-owned industry in the United States, responsible for the research, development, testing, and production of nuclear weapons, as well as a variety of primarily nuclear-related research projects. When most nuclear weapons production operations ceased in the late 1980's, DOE created the Office of Environmental Management (EM) to manage the thousands of contaminated areas and buildings, huge waste volumes and nuclear materials left over from the nuclear weapons production process. In addition, EM oversees 4,000 facilities awaiting decontamination, decommissioning, and dismantling.

    EM provides program policy development and guidance for the assessment and cleanup of inactive waste sites and facilities, and waste management operations; develops and implements an aggressive applied waste research and development program to provide innovative environmental technologies to yield permanent disposal solutions at reduced costs; and oversees the transition of contaminated facilities from various Departmental programs to environmental restoration once they are determined to be surplus to their original mission. EM provides centralized management for DOE for waste management operations, environmental restoration and related applied research and development (R&D) programs and activities, including the EM program policy guidance to all DOE Operations Offices in these areas. EM is also responsible for the institutional health and long-term planning, landlord activities, and for overall site integration and operations and provides direction, policy, and management oversight to the DOE Operations Offices at Idaho, Ohio, Rocky Flats, Richland, Savannah River, and the Office of River Protection at Richland.

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